Les indispensables de cet été pour partir en vacances


With summer just around the corner, we're all thinking about how best to organise our family holidays. Whether you're heading off to the seaside or the sunshine, we've put together the essentials for a successful, worry-free summer!


Floatee, the T-shirt that protects from the sun and from drowning

What parent hasn't been anxious at the thought of losing sight of their child for a few seconds at the water's edge?    

Floatee has created the very first anti-drowning T-shirt for children! A colourful sailor's T-shirt that protects both from the sun 🌞 and from drowning 🌊  

Worn out of the water, this anti-UV T-shirt inflates automatically if your child enters the water and turns him or her over on their back, nose and mouth out of the water, in less than 5 seconds! 

Floatee tee-shirt anti-noyade enfant - rouge manches courtes - gonflé

Impressive, isn't it? You can watch a pool demo right here:

The great thing about this T-shirt is that it's reusable. Has your child fallen in the water and the T-shirt gone off? Simply change the recharge!  

Designed for children from 12 months to 6 years (between 10 kg and 30 kg), it is patented and CE certified. Oh, and it's made in France too!

And to save money, don't change the whole anti-drowning T-shirt as your child grows 👉 The inflatable part inside stays in place as your child grows, so you only need to change the anti-UV T-shirt 😉 

In short, a must-have for all parents (and grandparents) this summer!

 Floatee tee-shirt anti-noyade enfant - jaune et orange manches courtes  


Pas Petits, the all-terrain slippers for the barefoot sensation

Summer means heat, swimming pools and the sea most of the time.

Don't forget to pack a pair of all-terrain slippers with a barefoot feel! Practical and lightweight, the Pas Petits can be taken anywhere with the little travel bag.

The ‘all-terrain’ range allows children to develop their motor skills both indoors and outdoors, while being protected! Ideal for holidays, they will accompany your little ones on all their adventures at the beach, sea, swimming pool or garden, thanks to their resistance to salt and chlorine.

UV-resistant, parents can let their children play outdoors with complete confidence.

And their thin soles give them that essential barefoot feel, so children can move around while still feeling the sensations of the ground.

Parents can now be reassured around swimming pools thanks to the non-slip soles of these booties, which prevent slipping on both wet and dry surfaces! Machine washable, a must-have for parents too!

The barefoot sensation bootie: a must-have for a carefree summer 😉 

The Pas Petits is also available for the home!



Mini Mondes, fun and educational activities to keep you entertained all summer long

With the summer holidays just a few weeks away, you've got one question on the brain! How can I keep my child occupied during the 2 months of summer?

We've got the answer! All we have to do is add fun and educational activities for children to July and August, adapted to the summer holidays.

  1. Playing board games 

Close your eyes. Think back to your favourite holiday memories as a child. We bet that laughing over a board game or a card game is one of them, isn't it? In any case, we highly recommend the new Mini Mondes 7 Families card game to challenge your Minis on the beach or in the evening. Fun and good times guaranteed!

  1. Playing for hours on the beach with your family

Beach games are a summer holiday essential! In general, a good beach set contains a bucket, spade and/or rake, and sometimes even a sieve and watering can. The Mini Mondes beach kit has an extra feature: the famous aquascope! What do you mean you can't see what it is? Yes, it's a bucket with a porthole and handles so you can go and look at the seabed! It's the ideal accessory for finding out what's under the water (without getting too wet) and discovering seaweed, sea urchins, shellfish... but also the little crabs that live their lives peacefully between two rocks. 

  1. Keeping children occupied when it rains!

A must-have for summer holidays, the magazine is the ideal item to slip into your suitcase. Small, light and full of all kinds of activities, it's your best ally for keeping your children occupied for hours on end, come rain or shine.

Whether it's a colouring book, a magazine dedicated to the 2024 Olympic Games or a discovery of a new country, Les Mini Mondes offers a wide range of magazines for children aged 1-3 and 4-7.

And don't forget, there are also Mini Mondes indoor activities to keep you busy at home during the holidays! Music, crafts, recipes, stories, games, colouring... All these fun activities are free and available on the site at all times. All that's left for us to do is wish you a great summer with your family!



OUATE, the key to protected skin all summer long

When you can protect your skin from the sun without harming the life of our oceans as soon as you go swimming, what are you waiting for? My 1,2,3 sun cream and sunscreen from OUATE are beach bag essentials.

1 formula in 2 practical, ergonomic formats: a 125ml family size and a 30ml pocket size, so you can take it with you wherever you go!

Thanks to its combination of new-generation filters, this formula provides very high SPF 50+ protection for the whole family. What's more, it does much more than protect the skin: it instantly hydrates and soothes it, thanks to a cocktail of aloe vera, B5 vitamins and probiotics. Even free radicals are knocked out by coconut extract!

As an added bonus, these skincare products smell deliciously of ylang ylang and tiare, so applying them is like a one-way trip to Polynesia, but with a smaller carbon footprint, and with the added reassurance of not damaging our coral reefs, as the formula has been tested to be non-toxic to algae and coral!



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