Our technology


Max protection combined with optimal use

The anti-drowning T-shirt is made of:

A. Automatic inflator system

B. Inflatable life jacket

C. Anti-UV T-shirt

A + B = The life jacket part

C = The T-shirt part

  • Anti-UV

    To thoroughly protect the skin from the Sun, the T-shirt is UPF50+ anti-UV certified

  • OEKO-TEX fabric

    To protect the skin from harmful substances, the fabric we use is standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified

  • Patented

    A one-of-a-kind design to wear the T-shirt from morning till night, all while being protected without being bothered by it

  • Automatic inflation

    Turns into a life jacket in less than 3 seconds if it lands in water, thanks to the most reliable inflator on the market

  • Turns the child around

    The life jacket turns the child wearing it around, ensuring safety, maintaining airways outside the water, no matter how it fell in

  • European certification

    Following the ISO 12402 life jacket standard

  • Made in France

    Designed and put together in the South of France, with French fabric, the anti-drowning T-shirt is certified “Made in France”.

  • Reusable

    Not only is the life jacket rechargeable after it has been inflated, but it’s also one size fits all, so it can be kept as your child grows.

  • Second life

    When your child grows, you can send us the T-shirt part back in exchange for a gift card. We then refurbish it and sell it second hand.

The anti-drowning T-shirt in action

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