The anti-drowning T-shirt's purpose

The new solution to finally prevent children from drowning!

  • Drowning, an underestimated risk

    500 drown children per year in France

    When not supposed to go into the water

    Despite the mandatory protections

  • Floatee t-shirt gonflé

    Our solution: the anti-drowning T-shirt

    An everyday T-shirt to wear out of water

    Which saves your child if falling in water

    By automatic inflation

  • Floatee picto médaille or concours Lépine

    Several lives saved already!

    Thanks to a european certified product

    Which received multiple awards

    Adopted by experts and parents

1. Drowning, an underestimated risk

Floatee 500 noyades d'enfant chaque été

500 children drown per year in France

Drowning is the children's leading cause of day-to-day accidents. (source: Santé Publique France)

70% of drowning occurs in private pools, and children between the ages of 1 and 6 years old are particularly affected.

Every summer, authorities warn us about the increased risk of drowning and remind good practices to us. But nevertheless, every year in France, in summer, around 500 children under the age of 6 drown.

Enfant non censé se baigner

When the child is not supposed to go into the water

Armbands, swimming rings, etc. are worn by children when they are authorized to bath or swim, but not out of the water because not practical.

Also, this equipment don’t protect children if they ever fall in headfirst.

Floatee protection piscine

Despite the mandatory protections

We restrict access to pools with the use of gates, alarms, covers, etc. but they generally stay open/disabled during the summer for practical reasons.

Whether it be to avoid accidental falls or unsupervised swims, we only count on adult supervision. Unfortunately, adults’ attention isn’t flawless. In most drowning cases, an adult was less than 20 metres (66 ft.) away.

So it’s clear that, up to this day, something was lacking in children’s drowning prevention. And it’s with this reality in mind that we created Floatee, the anti-drowning T-shirt.

  • An everyday T-shirt...

    Worn by your child to play out of the water and protecting from the Sun!

    The T-shirt part 
  • Floatee t-shirt gonflé

    ...with an integrated life jacket

    It automatically inflates if your child ends up in water and ensures breathing!

    The life jacket part 
  • Floatee tee-shirt anti-noyade fabriqué en France

    and in line with our core values

    Made in France
    Rechargeable and reusable from 1 to 6 years

    The lifecycle 
  • Floatee certifié ISO 12402

    Thanks to a european certified product

    Protocol based on the life jacket standard european norm (ISO 12402), the anti-drowning T-shirt is certified as a category 3 security equipment (the safest!)

  • Floatee picto médaille or concours Lépine

    Which received multiple awards

    Gold medal in Concours Lépine 2023
    Innovation prize in MIF exhibition 2023
    Impact prize in CIC Innov. Business Awards

  • Adopted by experts and parents

    Rescuers, parents:
    they speak of the anti-drowning T-shirt!

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