The life jacket part

Equipped with an automatic inflator and with a specific shape, our integrated life jacket is invisible all while being the most efficient on the market!

1. Floatee has the most reliable automatic inflator system on the market

Thanks to an automatic inflator that has proved its worth over the years, the T-shirt inflates in less than 3 seconds if the child wearing it falls in water or decides to go for an unsupervised swim!

The inflator system connected to the life jacket is made of:

1- a soluble detector that detects the arrival of water and activates the inflator

2- a fixed trigger on the life jacket that opens the gas cartridge

3- a gas cartridge that empties itself into the life jacket when activated, via the trigger

The anti-drowning T-shirt is equipped with the UML automatic activation system, already widespread in the professional life jacket industry, and considered the most reliable on the market.

2. The design of the life jacket allows for optimal safety

Always protected with Floatee

Whatever the fall position of the child in the water and even if unconscious, the anti-drowning T-shirt ensures it’s completely turned upwards in less than 5 seconds and maintains its airways out of the water!

The child can move in water with the inflated life jacket (in order to get to the swimming pool ladder for example), but as soon as it stops moving, the anti-drowning T-shirt will bring it back to a safety position, on its back.

Our inflatable life jacket is designed to:

  • Be integrated to the anti-drowning T-shirt
  • Be light and invisible outside water for daily use near it
  • Be linked to the inflation system
  • Ensure the child is turned upwards and maintains its airways clear from water
  • Be used with different sized T-shirts
  • Be easily dissociated from the T-shirt part, allowing the T-shirt to be machine washed

The life jacket is made up of 2 layers of coated fabric welded together, creating a waterproof envelope. When deflated, it is as thick as 2 sheets of paper.

3. The European certification Floatee has achieved guarantees the performance of life jackets, to ensure foolproof floatability

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