The anti-drowning T-shirt's purpose

The new solution to finally prevent children from drowning!

Drowning is one of children’s leading causes of day-to-day accidents

70% of drowning occurs in private pools, and children between the ages of 1 and 6 years old are particularly affected.

Every summer, authorities warn us about the increased risk of drowning

and remind good practises to us. But nevertheless, every year in France, in summer, around 500 children under the age of 6 drown.

Currently, we restrict access to pools

with the use of gates, alarms, covers, etc. but they generally stay open/disabled during the summer for practical reasons.

Currently, we protect children when they go swimming

with armbands, swimming rings, swimming vests, etc. but they aren’t practical outside the water and don’t protect them if they ever fall in headfirst.

But most accidents happen when children aren’t supposed to go into the water

and whether it be to avoid accidental falls or unsupervised swims, we only count on adult supervision.

Unfortunately, adults’ attention isn’t flawless

which explains that in most drowning cases, an adult was less than 20 metres (66 ft.) away.

So it’s clear that, up to this day, something was lacking in children’s drowning prevention. And it’s with this reality in mind that we created Floatee, the anti-drowning T-shirt.

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