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The new anti-drowning solution for children!

Rechargeables and reusables. Made in France. Anti-UV. Accredited ISO 12402.

Made in France

  • Floatee picto gonflage ultra-rapide

    Automatic inflation when immersed in water

  • Floatee picto remontée vers la surface

    Immediate ascent to the surface

  • Floatee picto retournement de l'enfant dans l'eau

    Automatic rollover on the back

  • Floatee picto maintien des voies respiratoires hors de l'eau

    Keeping airways out of the water

In less than 5 seconds

The demo of the children's anti-drowning T-shirt in video

How does the anti-drowning T-shirt work?

The anti-drowning T-shirt is constituted of 3 main elements:
A) The automatic inflator system
B) The inflatable lifejacket
C) The anti-UV T-shirt

When the child is in immersion in the water, the system A) is automatically triggered thanks to a soluble component, inflating in a flash the lifejacket B) contained within the T-shirt C). The child is then brought back to the surface in less than 5 seconds and put on his/her back, keeping airways out of the water!

What are the available options?

The anti-drowning T-shirt exists in 4 colours and sizes between 1 and 6 years - see our children's size guide for more information.

The anti-drowning T-shirt is reusable thanks to our recharges and the T-shirt part can be machine-washed after removing the lifejacket with the inflator system. You can buy a spare anti-UV T-shirt separately; the lifejacket and the inflator system are adapted to all our children's sizes!

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Can I bath with the children's anti-drowning T-shirt?

No, the anti-drowning T-shirt is not designed as bathing or swimming clothes but as a security equipment. It is to wear out of the water, it can be pulled off like a normal T-shirt when the child is authorized to go into the water. It is not a swimming instruction aid (like armbands, swimming rings, etc.). You will find the comparison here.

Does the children's anti-drowning T-shirt inflate under the rain?

No, the anti-drowning T-shirt requires to be in immersion in the water to be triggered. It is not activating in case of limited spraying: rain, water pistol, splash or spilt liquid, etc.

Is the children's anti-drowning T-shirt reusable after having been inflated?

Yes, the inflating life jacket part follows the growth of your child (from 10kg to 30 kg). It is easily separable from the T-shirt part which can be solely replaced when your child grows (see e-shop). Only the recharge (CO2 capsule with water-sensitive detector) is for single use.

Can the children's anti-drowning T-shirt be washed?

Yes, the T-shirt part can be separated from the inflating life jacket part. You can machine wash the T-shirt part alone at 30°C.

For the first wash, we recommend running a short cycle with just the T-shirt and an anti-discolouration wipe.

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