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Rechargeable and reusable. MADE IN FRANCE. ANTI-UV. ISO 12402-5 APPROVED.

For men and women from 40kg upwards

The demo of the manual anti-drowning jacket in video

Floatee gilet ani-noyade adulte déclenchement manuel ou auto

How to choose between manual activation and automatic activation?

Depending on the use you plan for your equipment, you can opt for a manual or automatic release system.

  • If you're going to be swimming, surfing, lanyarding or doing any other activity in the water, opt for manual release.
  • Are you going to be doing an activity near water but don't know how to swim or aren't comfortable in the water? Opt for the automatic release.
Floatee gilet anti-noyade adulte options

What are the available options?

In addition to the manual or automatic release system, you can choose your equipment according to a number of aesthetic criteria:

  • Long or short sleeves
  • 2 different colors: blue or red
  • Your size: from XS | S to XL | XXL
See the size guide for adults

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What's the difference between the anti-drowning T-shirt with automatic activation and with manual activation?

The manual T-shirt is activated by pulling on the cord connected to the anti-drowning device, unlike the automatic T-shirt, which is activated as soon as you are up to your neck in water.

Does the adults' anti-drowning t-shirt hurt when inflating?

No, the inflation can be surprising but in no instance painful. The product is also designed not to compress sensitive areas.

Is it possible to wear clothing or equipment over my anti-drowning product?

No, wearing clothing or equipment over the anti-drowning t-shirt may affect its performance and hamper its activation.

However, it is possible to add an extra layer underneath the Floatee t-shirt/jacket.

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