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Cookie Management Policy

Cookies are tracers that are deposited and/or read on your terminal equipment, when you consult a website, for example.

During your first connection onto the Site, you are informed, via an information banner, that certain data relative to your browsing is likely to be processed via Cookies, and you are informed of your consent collection modalities for this.

This Cookie Policy specifies the different goals linked to these Cookies (1) and explains the procedure to follow to configure them (2).

1 – The different Cookies present on the Site

The Cookies exempted from your consent, and necessary for the Site to work

These Cookies are necessary for the Site to work well, and for its browsing. They allow you to have access to the main functionalities of the Site.

Pursuant to the recommendations from the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés, in English: National Commission on Information technology and Liberty ), these Cookies are exempted from prior collection of your consent. You can oppose to them and delete them by using your browser’s settings, however your visitor experience of the Site is likely to be highly damaged.


Floatee uses the following Cookies on its Site:

Session Cookie

Purpose: Used to maintain the app’s state

Conservation period: The time necessary to exploit the session

Session identifiers Cookie

Purpose: Strictly necessary for the Site to work, allowing to maintain your session after your identification
Conservation period: The time necessary to exploit the session

Preference Cookie

Purpose: Collect information about your choices and preferences and allow to save the language or other local settings to personalise your visitor experience of the Site.

Conservation period: The time necessary to exploit the session.

Order validation Cookie

(Shopify Cookies: cart_currency, cart_sig, secure_customer_sig, storefront_digest)

Purpose: Used to maintain the articles you preselected to buy and validate your order.
Conservation period: The time necessary to exploit the session.

Third party audience measuring Cookie

These Cookies are used, if they are, with your consent, in order to evaluate the use of the Site, by collecting information about your browsing. This information is collected to perform audience and statistics measurements, with the goal to improve the quality of services provided by the Site.

Floatee uses Shopify to collect information about your use of the Site.

For more information about these Cookies, we invite you to learn about their terms of use at the following links:

Further, via your browser, you can manage and disable these Cookies directly via this link:

Third party advertising Cookies

These are the Cookies used, if they are, with your consent, to present offers and information to you, adapted to your interests during your browsing.

Refusing these Cookies doesn’t have any impact on the use of the Site. However, refusing advertising Cookies will not stop advertisements during browsing. Its only effect will be that the advertisements displayed will not take account of your interests or preferences.

2 - How do I configure Cookies?

As pointed out in the information banner relative to Cookies, when you pursue your browsing on the Site’s page, you recognise having expressly given your consent to Cookies deposited or read on the Site being deposited.

In the cases reminded above, in which your consent is necessary for deposit and/or to reading of Cookies, your consent is only valid for a period of thirteen (13) months starting from the first deposit in your terminal equipment, except withdrawal of your consent from you or exercise of your right to oppose. Once this period is exceeded, if you haven’t withdrawn from or opposed them, consent will be asked for again during a later visit to the Site.

Furthermore, most browsers are configured by default to allow Cookies to be deposited.

Your browser gives you the possibility to change these standard settings, but also to delete existing Cookies and those deposited on your terminal equipment, or to warn you if new Cookies are likely to be deposited on your terminal.

However, if you choose to disable Cookies via your browser, it is possible that your browsing on the Site will be affected.

To express or reconsider your choices, refer to the help menu or dedicated section of your browser. For example, you can get more information on the following pages:

For more information about Cookies and your rights, you can also consult the CNIL website: