Tutorials and other info


  • How to: pull out and put back the life jacket in the T-shirt

    You want to wash the T-shirt, your child is growing...

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  • How to: recharge after activation

    The automatic inflator is for single use, but can be replaced!

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  • How to: easily put on the anti-drowning T-shirt

    How to make your child wear the anti-drowning t-shirt

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  • How to: maintenance

    Once a year (before first usage), you need to inspect the anti-drowning T-shirt.

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Other information

  • How to fly with Floatee onboard

    Advices and documents to prepare to easily bring your Floatee with you

    Prepare your flight 
  • Floatee or swimming aids?

    What to choose depending on the situation: security equipment or support for swimming?

    See our guide 
  • Floatee distribution partenaires

    Where can I find Floatee?

    See the map and physical addresses of our distribution partners!

    See the map 
  • Certificate of Conformity

    In respect with life jacket standard european norm (ISO 12402)

    See the certificate 
  • Product instruction

    Our product instructions in .pdf format


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