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The beginning of a friendship

The story starts in engineering school, where the two co-founders, Philippe and Thibaut, became friends.

During an entrepreneurial event uniting different engineering schools, the idea of solving the children's drowning problem thanks to an anti-drowning T-shirt sees the light of day.

Convinced by the idea but still students, they didn’t immediately start, and after they got their degrees, they worked separately, in the aeronautical industry.

May 2021

Why we decided to take the plunge

On a weekend out, Philippe witnessed a child drowning, just a few metres away.

This tragic event has been the trigger to set up this project, that would be impactful and useful to society.

In 2021, even with all the new products being created each year, there were no more solutions to drowning than there were back then.

Floatee logo

1st of December 2021

Creation of the company

The company is officially created with first fundings to accelerate the development of the anti-drowning T-shirt. The Floatee adventure starts for real!


The anti-drowning T-shirt's birth

2022 was a pivotal year for Floatee. After tens of prototypes and relentless development leading to certification, we finally start to sell the anti-drowning T-shirt!

Floatee Qui Veut Etre Mon Associé

25th of January 2023

"Qui Veut Être Mon Associé ?" - the French Shark Tank

Our appearance on this French TV top show made some noise! "If you hear the other proposals, I withdraw my offer"... After this thunderclap from Anthony Bourbon, we have a new associate on board!

Spring 2023

Our first distribution partners

After our first dazzling sales in the middle of winter, we conclude our first partnerships for distribution in France and Europe. The list is accessible through the below button

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May 2023

Gold medal in Concours Lépine

This is THE recognition that the anti-drowning T-shirt is an actual innovative solution to save lives! The Concours Lépine is an extremely prestigious price for invention makers in France, also well-known in the international sphere.

Summer 2023

Lives saved

The best of all rewards... Out of the 7000 protected families, several lives have been saved as per the spontaneous testimonies of mums that contacted us afterwards.

Within our first year of commercialization, we already fulfilled our mission ❤️

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November 2023

Innovation Prize in Made In France exhibition

This prize rewards this year's most deserving innovation involved in Made in France step.

Floatee tee-shirt anti-noyade adulte


Launch of a new product

After the children's anti-drowning T-shirt, a new product appears at Floatee! Still fighting the drowning issue, it addresses another category which is heavily concerned as well.

  • Because rigor, quality and attention to detail rhyme with excellence. We aspire to make the best products, without making any concession regarding design and efficiency.

  • Because creativity, curiosity and open-mindedness rhyme with innovation. We aspire to imagine tomorrow’s answers to today’s safety problems.

  • Because perseverance, courage and optimism rhyme with determination.
    We aspire to overcome all the obstacles we face to accomplish our mission.

    Floatee photo équipe

    Philippe - co-founder and CEO

    Thibaut - co-founder and Industrial Director

    Camille - communication

    Cloé - customer service

    Philippine - products

    Alexandre - sales

    Nicolas - eCommerce and digital

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