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To protect children and adults from drowning

Anti-UV ● Made in France ● Rechargeable and reusable

10 000 families protected | Many lives saved | Rated 4.5/5 - Excellent

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Made in France

  • Floatee picto gonflage ultra-rapide

    Automatic inflation when immersed in water

  • Floatee picto remontée vers la surface

    Immediate ascent to the surface

  • Floatee picto retournement de l'enfant dans l'eau

    Automatic rollover on the back

  • Floatee picto maintien des voies respiratoires hors de l'eau

    Keeping airways out of the water

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What's the difference between 1) the CHILDREN's ANTI-DROWNING TEE-SHIRT, 2) standard swimming equipment (ARMBANDS, BUOYS, foam belts, swimming waistcoats, etc.) and 3) LIFE JACKETS?

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Is the children's anti-drowning T-shirt reusable after having been inflated?

Yes, the anti-drowning T-shirt has been designed not only to be easily reused after having been inflated, but also reused as your child grows:

- the life jacket is easily separable from the T-shirt, so the T-shirt can be machine washed and for inflator easy access

- all you have to do is unscrew the old gas and water-detection cartridges, and screw in the new ones included in the recharge

- as your child grows, you can keep the life jacket part and only need to buy a bigger anti-UV T-shirt

Find out more about the reuse of the anti-drowning T-shirt.

Watch the detailed refilling tutorial.

How do I deflate and refill the children's anti-drowning T-shirt after it’s been inflated?

To deflate the T-shirt after it’s been inflated, you need to open the valve located on top of the life jacket and put pressure on it (like you would with armbands or a swimming ring).

To refill the T-shirt after it’s been inflated, all you need to do is buy a recharge, unscrew the used gas and water-detection capsules, and screw in the new ones.

Here is a full tutorial.

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