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Inflatable life jacket (child)

Inflatable life jacket (child)

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💜 Allows to replace the life jacket in your original floatee if it got damaged (cut, rip, etc.)

Includes :

  • A Floatee anti-drowning part for children between 10 to 30kg
    • ready to use with pre-installed recharge

⚠ Buy this only if you already own a full anti-drowning T-shirt. The life jacket part with its automatic inflator shall only be used with Floatee anti-UV T-shirts.

Delivery and returns

Delivery fees depend on your location.

Returns are possible up to 14 days after reception (online purchasing).

Shipping time

Shipping within 2 weeks

In mainland France, Colissimo orders are delivered between 3 to 5 working days.

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Important information

◬ The gas cartridge and soluble detector screwed to the automatic inflator are for single use. If the anti-drowning T-shirt is inflated, the cartridge and detector need to be replaced.

Because you never know when an accident is going to happen, we recommend you always have a recharge in anticipation (available separately here)

◬ After more than 10 inflations, the life jacket may be weakened, so we highly recommend you replace it.

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Easy reuse for an optimal experience

Thanks to the anti-drowning T-shirt's unique design, you can separate the T-shirt part from the life jacket part in order to:

  • Wash the T-shirt
  • Replace the T-shirt part with a different one
  • Change the T-shirt size to match your child’s growth
  • Easily recharge the life jacket if it has fallen in water

The Floatee anti-drowning T-shirt can easily attend your child from ages 1 to 6 years.

Performance better than the life jacket standard

The Floatee anti-drowning T-shirt's certification following the life jacket standard (ISO 12402) guarantees optimal performance in terms of inflation speed, flipping-upwards speed, and floatability.

Its performance even goes above and beyond the required criteria, allowing ultra-fast rise to the surface and keeping airways well above the water, to ensure optimal safety.

  • All-in-one at first

    Anti-drowning T-shirt with: T-shirt, life jacket and automatic inflator system

  • Very responsive customer service

    Always there to help

  • Secure payment

    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal
    Payment in 3 instalments

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