The purpose of the adults' anti-drowning jacket

Because drowning affects adults and children alike

  • Drowning: a problem for adults too

    800 adult drownings a year

    At sea but close to shore

    With multiple causes

  • Our solution: anti-drowning clothing for adults

    2 versions: manual or automatic activation

    Surface in less than 5 seconds

    Long sleeves (jacket) or short sleeves (T-shirt)

1. Drowning: a problem for adults too

800 adult drownings a year

With around 800 drownings a year in France, adults are also hard hit by this scourge.

All age groups and profiles are affected, with the over-65s even more vulnerable.

At sea but close to shore

The vast majority of accidents are at sea and within the 300-metre band, i.e. relatively close to the shore.

In this zone, you can swim, walk, surf, fish... but unfortunately you can also lose your footing or even be swept out to sea.

With multiple causes

Drownings are mainly due to discomfort or exhaustion, with dramatic consequences when they occur too far from the shore.

Accidental falls and strong currents are also frequent causes of drowning.

Given this situation, we decided to develop a new anti-drowning solution for adults.

  • A jacket to trigger manually...

    Whether you're in, on or near water, you can easily trigger it in case of danger. Perfect for all your aquatic activities!

  • ... or automatically!

    Similar to our children's product, this version inflates automatically when immersed! For people who can't swim or aren't very independent in the water.

  • with the same level of performance

    Whether activated manually or automatically, the anti-drowning jacket allows you to return to the surface in less than 5 seconds!

The anti-drowning jacket is available with manual or automatic activation, with long sleeves (jacket) or short sleeves (T-shirt), in 5 sizes and 3 colours!

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